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CQB City Zombie Outbreak
Come join us at CQB city for a special zombie on August 25th. Entry is $40 per person
Day starts early at 5:00PM, check in will be till 6:00PM and safety briefing will be 30 mins and then the games begins. The day will be till 5:00AM so there will be 12 hours of fun and scare filled airsoft.
Dinner will be available for 7 dollars, you get you piece of pizza and a drink
We highly recommend that you bring a tracer unit and tracer bb's, flashlights, and glow sticks
There will be prizes on the field and raffles though out the night

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Everything seemed normal for a Friday evening at CQB City, until during one game a scientist let slip a virus that could change everything. This scientist was known as Dr. Hades, he sent his subject to CQB City as a test knowing law enforcement frequently trains here. All of a sudden the lights went out everyone's gear mysteriously vanished, a scream was herd near one of the strikers.... it has begun. The doors to leave were shut tight and with the power out were unable to open. Everyone ran into the city finding items they would need to survive as the disease has spread. Hoping they wouldn't get attacked. Those who have prepared for doomsday had been attacked already as they had been driven out of their bunkers by a mysterious yellow gas, their supplies spread through out the city. What will you do to survive? Team up with friends... not knowing if they have the virus? Maybe risk it alone hunting for supplies desperately trying to survive against the zombie outbreak. Or be a hero and find Patient 0 and save the human race? Choose wisely....