CQB City was created in November of 2006 for two purposes.  The first objective was to provide a training facility for military and law enforcement personnel using Simunition and Airsoft ammunition, reducing the cost of training as well as allowing force on force training.  Our other objective was to provide the general public with a safe indoor place to play Airsoft games year round.  With its opening, CQB City has revolutionized the way our first responders train and at the same time started a trend of indoor airsoft fields that have now spread around the country as well as the world.  Our staff takes great pride in providing innovative scenarios for our customers to enjoy, as well as providing a first class experience while at CQB City.  At CQB City, our customers come first and we make every effort to make your experience here a memorable one.  So if you're looking for either a first class facility to train or just enjoy the sport of Airsoft, CQB City is the place!