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      1.   CQB City is a semi auto field only. Full auto only allowed with machine guns and from minimum
            of 25 ft. on personnel and from stationary cover. 
      2.   One shot, one kill.  Weapon hits count.  Dead men don't tell tales...keep your mouth shut!
      3.   All weapons must be covered when entering and exiting the facility.  ABSOLUTELY NO 
            EXPOSED WEAPONS IN THE PARKING LOT! All weapons must chrono under 400 fps with a .20  
            gram bb.  Sniper weapons can chrono up to 500 fps, but engagement distance must be 100 ft.
      4.   Max bb weight allowed is .25 grams.
      5.   Insure that when in the staging area, mags are out, weapons are on safe, and chambers are 
      6.   Eye protection goes on in the staging area and comes off in the staging area.  Players caught 
            without eye protection anywhere on the field will be escorted off the field and will sit out the 
            remainder of the game.  Players caught twice without eye protection will be asked to leave 
            for the day.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.
      7.   Minors (under the age of 18) must wear either a paintball approved mask, OR a pair of tactical
            goggles that are Anzi rated 87.1 along with a metal mesh half mask.  Adults can wear just Anzi
            rated 87.1 glasses, but we highly recommend something to protect your teeth.
      8.   Minimum age allowed is 10 years old (10-12 yr. olds must be accompanied by an adult-adults 
            need not play.)
      9.   Hand grenades are allowed but must explode or shoot bb's.  NO FAKE GRENADES!  Grenades 
            without bb's can only be used inside the buildings and are an automatic kill.  Grenades with             bb's
            can be used outside the buildings but the bb's have to hit the player to kill him.  Duds are duds
            so make sure they are set up correctly and work properly.
      10. Rubber knives are allowed as a stealth kill from behind only.  Lightly tap the player from 
            behind on the shoulder and they are dead.  NO THROWING, STABBING, SLASHING, OR KNIFE  
            FIGHTS! (this rule is suspended during COVID-19 due to minimum 6' distance)
      11. No blind fire.  Shooting thru cracks in pallets, between barrels or door cracks is not allowed.
      12. All AEG rifles are allowed in all building but rate of fire must be maintained to two rounds per             second
      13. Friendly fire and weapon hits count.  They go back to respawn, and you go with them for being
            stupid.  KNOW WHO YOU'RE SHOOTING!!!
      14. Ricochets and shots thru pallet wall DO NOT COUNT! Keep fighting, you're only wounded.
      15. Flashlights and lasers are allowed but keep them out of people's eyes.  If they become 
            bothersome, we will ask you to turn them off.
      16. If you are injured, yell out BLINDMAN!  If you hear someone yelling BLINDMAN, we ask you
            to yell it too.  The referee will blow the whistle three times.  At this time, 
            cease fire, place your weapon on safe, and remain where you are.  We will escort you off the
            the field, and get you medical attention. We will then start the game from where we left off 
            without restaging.
      17. Refrain from using foul language.  We have young players so set a good example.  Physical 
            contact in anger will not be tolerated.  Any physical contact in anger will result in permanent
            ejection from CQB City and your name will be passed on to other fields in the area.