CQB city is open to the general public Friday, 6PM to 1130PM for our Night Tactical Event, and Saturday and Sunday 0830AM to 4PM for our All Ages Combat Event.  If you own your own Airsoft weapon and gear, reservations are not required.  Simply come in during registration (Friday 6-7PM and Sat/Sun 0830-1000AM) and sign up at the door.  If you need to rent weapons, please call us a day or two in advance to reserve them, as we tend to be completely rented out by game days.  Our safety briefing starts SHARPLY at 7PM Friday and 1000 AM  on Sat/Sun., so plan on arriving with plenty of time to register, chrono your weapon, and be ready to go by briefing start time.  Anyone who has not chrono'd by briefing time will have to sit out the first scenario so please, DON'T BE LATE!!!  Scenarios run about 15-20 each with 10 minute breaks in between and we run 8-10 scenarios a day.  Lunch is served from 1230-1PM so make sure to order your lunch when you register or you'll go hungry!  CQB City is open to anyone 10 years old and up.  Recommended attire is long sleeves, long pants, and loose fitting clothing.  Rubber soled shoes are required; no flip flops, sandals, open toed shoes,  shower shoes, or bare feet allowed.   A waiver must be on file once a year for anyone entering the facility, even if you are just coming in to watch (yes, you can watch the battles from our control tower if you're not ready to jump in yet.)   A link to our waiver is available below or on the home page.  Parents or legal guardians must sign the waiver for anyone under the age of 18.  
Public Hours:

  Friday 1800-2330 hrs.
  Saturday 0830-1600 hrs.
  Sunday 0830-1600 hrs.

   Entry Fee:                            $30
   Rental Fee:                        $35 
     (included  weapon, ammo, and facemask)
     Private Parties:              $350
    (3 hrs. for up to 20 people 
     weapons/ammo/facemasks included)